August 8, 2014


Bendooley Estate


The first and last time we will see Gee wear anything picked by Zoran


The bride and her father


Finally... the K's really now are the K's


"Who invited the hobo?!?"


I secretly hate people who look this good despite being sick AND jet lagged


Setting up the Book Barn


Ella "Shifty" Nibbs


The ladies out for a frolic


The newly weds make their grand entrance


Sanja sashaying in style


I'm hungry


They are probably the only non-Asians getting married today...


"You have mocktails? YES PLEEZE"


"Zoran će mi imati mnogo unučadi"


" Zoran jasno dobio bolju ponudu.
Moj jadni Sanja ... "


*must...not...tell..snorkelling story...*


"My wife... has an inner ear infection"


"You reckon we should have just eloped"